We Speak Up For You

The 4th District’s Government Relations initiative is focused on protecting members and the industry from proposed regulations or other developments that could have a negative effect, ensuring a positive environment for the advertising industry in Florida.

Ad-Day 2012

The 1987 Services Tax fight here in Florida was a benchmark event in the history of the Ad Fed.  Our successful battle to repeal the tax had a dramatic and lasting impact on the future of the advertising industry in the state.  It also showed the need for continued participation in and review of legislative issues.  We employ a professional lobbyist to monitor legislative activity and maintain relationships with lawmakers.  Annually during the legislative session we gather for Advertising Day in Tallahassee.  Local and District representatives meet with their representatives to discuss current issues. 

WEcan TallyWe also present the latest statewide public service project to raise awareness of the good things we do. Grassroots efforts like this involving our members are a crucial part of our efforts to protect and promote advertising at every level.

Local federations are encouraged to field a working Legislative Affairs Committee to maintain contact with state legislators as well as local officials who could impact ad professionals and the industry locally.

Florida’s current economic crunch means that legislators need to find additional funding sources for
state programs. We are vigilantly monitoring threats to our industry’s tax exemption status or proposed regulations that could negatively impact the advertising industry.

Keep Informed

Stay abreast of national issues by subscribing to AAF’s Government Report email newsletter and buy a 4th District PAC Fund Flash Drive from your club’s Government Relations Chair to help support our efforts in Tallahassee.