Go Fourth! Newsletters

October 2013
Go Fourth! 4AAF October 2013 Newsletter
News from Governor Waldeck, Business Tax Deduction Threat, Job Bank Opportunities

September 2013
Go Fourth! 4AAF September 2013 Newsletter
Gainesville Conference APP, Win An EPIC, Suncoast Rebrands, Brian Hall Silver Medal

August 2013
Go Fourth! 4AAF August 2013 Newsletter
Summer Conference, Public Service, Tax Deduction, Local News

July 2013
Go Fourth! 4AAF July 2013 Newsletter
Leadership in Puerto Rico

June 2013
Go Fourth! 4AAF June 2013 Newsletter
Nairn' Exits, 26 National ADDYs, New Inspiration

May 2013
Go Fourth! 4AAF May 2013 Newsletter
New EC, District ADDY Winners, Gold Medal Presented - May the Fourth be with you!

April 2013
Go Fourth! 4AAF April 2013 Newsletter
Annual Meeting, District ADDY Gala, Club Achievement

March 2013
Go Fourth! 4AAF March 2013 Newsletter
Advertising Day & Scholarship Deadline Near

February 2013
Go Fourth! 4AAF February 2013 Newsletter
ADDY Entry Totals, Upcoming Events, Next Year

January 2013
Go Fourth! 4AAF January 2013 Newsletter
ADDY Entry Deadline is Near

December 2012
Go Fourth! 4AAF December 2012 Newsletter
ADDY Entry Opens, New Central FL Agency, WeCAN

November 2012
Go Fourth! 4AAF November 2012 Newsletter
Fall Conference, Treasure Coast Expansion, ADDYs, Ethics Certification, NSAC

October 2012
Go Fourth! 4AAF October 2012 Newsletter
A First Ever District-Wide Event, Get Found on 4aaf, Member Benefits, Fall is Here

September 2012
Go Fourth! 4AAF September 2012 Newsletter
4th District Conference, ADDY Entry Site, WeCAN

August 2012
Go Fourth! 4AAF August 2012 Newsletter
Leadership Conference, 4th District Conference, ADDY Entry Site, WeCAN